Cloudflare Review

Living on the Edge

Cloudflare is a company built to serve your storage, security and, most recently, computing needs at the network edge. They have built a lot of goodwill in the developer community by providing free DDOS protection and with good reason.


Cloudflare Workers let you run JavaScript on the Cloudflare CDN's edge locations and also provide a key-value store at those edge locations. This is huge, as no other provider has anything remotely close to such a zero-effort, globally distributed data store. Most recently, the Workers team also hacked a static hosting solution called Workers Sites on top of Workers and the key-value store. This works surprisingly well and I can recommend it if you need a highly customizable static hosting solution.

If you're using Cloudflare anyway, adding Workers to your stack is a no brainer, but if you're on a single provider, adding a new one to your stack will bring a lot of complexity. This can be worth it however, if you want any of the goodies below, all of which are unique to Cloudflare's offering.

The Good

  1. Free DDOS protection (including costs).
  2. Zero-effort key-value store on the network edge.
  3. No data transfer costs.
  4. The Fetch API in Workers is the best serverless function API out there.

The Bad

  1. Poor developer experience: gaps in the documentation and misleading error messages.
  2. No logs.


Use Workers if you're already on Cloudflare, or if you need a highly customizable static hosting solution.

Last update: March 29, 2020