Serverless Provider Reviews

You, the CIO

The main strength of serverless is also its main challenged: managed services lead to complete reliance on cloud providers. This saves you operational concerns, but also leaves you irrevocably locked in to your cloud services. Picking the wrong provider can wreck your project before you even start it, so it's important to understand what you can expect from different cloud providers and which of them excel in which areas.


I list my recommendations below without explanation and encourage you to read the reviews behind the links for details.


Your default choice for a serverless backend should be AWS.

Static Sites

You should use GitHub Pages for static sites or Cloudflare Workers Sites if you need more customization.


You should use Firebase if you want to build a quick throw-away prototype, or if you know that your application is very limited in scope (like the proverbial TODO app).

Ethics Statement

  • I'm not paid by any cloud providers.
  • I don't hold individual stocks in any cloud providers.
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Last update: March 29, 2020