Welcome to Dokklib

Dokklib is a collection of libraries and obsessively detailed guides to building web applications with the serverless stack.


Dokklib is work-in-progress and updated daily. You can subscribe to a weekly newsletter or follow me on Twitter to see what's new. Feedback is much appreciated on Github.

Why Dokklib

Building a serverless application can be an overwhelming experience. There are so many providers and frameworks to choose from, and discovering the best mix and their idiosyncrasies takes a lot of time and effort. Dokklib contains all the knowledge I’ve gained while building Dokknet so you don’t have to waste your time discovering it again.

Dokknet is a forkable company which means that its code is not only open source, but also makes it easy to replicate its service. Thanks to this, you get a living application along with Dokklib where you can check for yourself if you're ever in doubt about how it all fits together.

Dokklib is opinionated in the best sense of the word: I describe what has worked me and why, and I also share if I have any doubts about my solutions.



  • Dokklib-DB is a Python library for the DynamoDB single table pattern.

Who Are You?

I'm Agost, a programmer based in Zurich, Switzlerand. I build Dokklib to help you, to learn through feedback and to make money from subscriptions eventually. I also take on consulting clients occasionally. You can write me on Twitter or contact me directly on my website.

Last update: March 29, 2020